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Web API Feed - ActiveNetwork
We've created a new Web API feed process for delivering DNR partner ads to ActiveNetwork, the backend for the Georgia State Parks Reservation System.

Grant Report Management
The grant report management system we created for The Walker Foundation allows grant administrators to track progress online, manage related files while reducing time spent on the application review process.

Park Volunteer Management
We've updated the park application process to include payments for background checks and insurance. Become a park host!

Economic Development
The Georgia Department of Economic Development website now provides mobile-friendly directories of Georgia manufacturers, available buildings, international businesses. We're preparing to work with GIS Webtech to add ESRI ArcGIS maps and demographic reports.

Environmental Education
An environmental education instructor certification process has been created for North Carolina. The EE resource management suite is used by

Neighborhood Membership Services 
We've expanded our tools for neighborhoods with Glenwood Park, Midtown Atlanta, West End Atlanta and Grant Park. Family directories have been added for parent networks and preschools.
  eNews Management
Our bulk email tools allow sites to send to millions of members with no additional expense. Group tools are integrated with eNews for mailings based on interest areas and access levels.

The Component Core architecture allows organizations to share data between multiple websites, cross-relating location types, news, events and partner profiles.

Contact Us if you'd like to add website tools to your site.

Integrated Websites
Component Core technology provides a means to "build once and support many" as demonstrated by the following state and local websites:

 Neighborhood Calendars

State Parks & Historic Sites

Excursion Train Tickets

Environmental Education

The Component Core system helps parks and wilderness areas manage resources, volunteer scheduling, membership payments and camp registration. Campground hosts assist park guests and help maintain and improve park facilities.

Camp Host Timelines

Volunteer Registration

Parks Case Study

Project Tools
Component Core technology provides project management and reporting tools to organizations like the Walker Foundation, whose focus on free-market solutions to environmental issues has helped establish ecotourism destinations based on the red wolf populations of rural northeastern North Carolina.

Red Wolf Project Report

NC Environmental Education

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